Welcome to Jacksonville Physical Medicine

home_thumHealthcare is changing and at Jacksonville Physical Medicine we are adapting. We are excited to bring a team approach to Jacksonville by incorporating Medicine, Chiropractic, Massage and Acupuncture in one clinic. Each patient received a consultation and also a custom treatment plan. Our patients rely on us to help provide relief from pain and to improve quality of life.

Pain Relief

After years of clinical practice we know that pain can be devastating to your professional and personal life. Here at Jacksonville Physical Medicine we use intensive physical medicine treatment to reduce physical pain. With the reduction of physical pain most patients also notice a reduction in depression, anxiety and stress. They not only physically feel better but they have better personal relationships and sleep better too!

Core Strength

Care plans at Jacksonville Physical Medicine incorporate core strength. This is a vital part of all our treatment plans because when you properly strengthen your core you are less likely to have the original problem come back and you are more resistant to future troubles.

Postural Stability

Changing posture can be very difficult because you may have created some bad habits over the years. We work to educate our patients about proper ergonomics and at times will write doctor notes so that your work will overhaul your workstation and make it better for you. We also have state or the art equipment at Jacksonville Physical Medicine to change bad postural habits and create a better you.