You can probably remember a time when stairs weren’t your enemy, and you could bound up them without any painful protest from your joints. Back then, you didn’t have to give a second thought to whether you could open a jar or turn a doorknob. Then arthritis intervened, leaving your joints swollen, painful, and stubbornly unwilling to let you do even the simplest everyday tasks.

Regardless of whether you’ve developed osteoarthritis with age, you have rheumatoid arthritis or a painful case of gout, you don’t have to let joint discomfort and stiffness prevent you from living. Your doctor has a whole range of medications and recommendations to relieve your pain and protect your joints from further damage.

At Jacksonville Physical Medicine we work to:

    • Teach you to Protect Your Joints
    • Prescribe Medication if needed
    • Aid your joints with Alternative Medicine
    • Make surgical referrals only if necessary
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